The Faults in our Stars

Most people on the day of the Superbowl watch football. Me, I read a book. Like most people I watched the trailer

for The Faults in out Stars, and fell in love with it. I had not read the book, because it was a cancer book; and we all know how those end.

Why can’t they make one, just one where they all live? But no, they can’t possibly do that, there wouldn’t be a point. For once I would like to see a cancer book actually end happy. Now days peoples chances of surviving are getting higher and higher (for most cancers). So why can’t we have a book work the same way? Is it too much to ask?

Sorry, end rant.

Anyway, I did the one thing I said I wouldn’t do. I read the book. and I Cried. My. Eyes. Out.

The first half of the book was funny, and enjoyable and romantic. Then you have the second half that is sort of funny and heart wrenching.  I cried and I cried and I cried. But it was only for the last I don’t know,thirty pages?

However all, it was a really good book, and I recommend it. But make sure you have some tissues first.

I bought my copy at Walmart, but you can buy it here from Amazon.