Why Getting Married Means Divorce

Getting married means that you have to get divorced. Not to your spouse, but to your stuff. No matter what life was like before you got married it is inevitable, you are going to have a lot of junk, and your partner will have their fair share as well. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that as soon as you move in together, there will be a lot of junk! Unless you have an unlimited amount of storage space, you are going to have to divorce some of it.

Three weeks after we got married I divorced half of my bathroom. I had kept everything I had ever used. It took two hours, but when I was done I had four trash bags of old shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair products, combs, make-up. You name it, there was some of it in my cabinets. I had not gone through those cabinets, since we had re-painted my bathroom six maybe seven years ago. It was truly insane; but it was worth it. Jacob had room for his stuff, I had more storage space, and ultimately we were both happier.

Same goes for your closet. Jacob and I went through our closet together. The plan is to get in our house ASAP, but until then, we had to have more room in our closet. So we got three tubs. One for keepsake items, (like vacation t-shirts, or things like cheer uniforms). Two for summer clothes, and one basket for things that needed to be given away. I just thought it took a long time to go through my bathroom. It took us hours to go through all of it.

However, it was seriously worth the time, and effort it took to get rid of all of it. We were both so much happier, because we finally had room to move around a little.