Meet Willa

Meet Willa, our Maltipoo. She is the cutest thing on the planet, but she likes to eat everything! Yesterday was my first day at home with Willa, and it was quite an adventure. I got nothing done, and I couldn’t Willa proof our room because I was too busy dealing with Willa. I got what some people call “Nesting Syndrome” which is curable by either getting a dog (or something that needs the equivalent amount of care and attention), or having/wanting a baby.  Well Jacob nor I want a baby anytime soon, so needless to say, we got a puppy. She likes to eat everything yesterday her list including a wide variety of things including, (but not excluded to); toes, walls, cords, and toilets. When I told Jacob he replied, “toilets?”   Yep, toilets. She growls and barks at it then she pounces at it and tries to bite it. It really is pretty funny. If I had a video I would post it, but I do not.

Jacob absolutely loves this dog, and she loves him. She has those sad little puppy eyes, which of course means she gets her way. Just look at those eyes! Willa

Willa is not very photogenic, in fact she hates getting her picture taken. Multiple times she has tried to eat my phone when I tried to take a picture. I did manage to get some, so here is more pictures of my furbaby. Nats new iphone 540Nats new iphone 538