We are Moved!

Thanksgiving week we got to spend the first night in our house.

Is our house done and ready for company? Not quite, far from it. However it is perfect for us to live in. That Sunday we finished putting our bed together, made the bed, I went to the store to get stuff for dinner that week, and started making dinner.

Me cooking dinner that night, it was a mess. At first I thought everything was going perfect, for the amount of time it took for me to get water and a pot on the stove. The water started boiling over the pot, and it just went down hill from there.

After I finally got everything under control, (or so I thought), I poured the sauce over the noodle in the cheesecake pan, and started to clean up the table. When I turned around to put the Pasta Pie in the oven there was sauce everywhere. Running down the front of my cabinets, all over my counters, all over my new dish cloths, it was everywhere. And this is sauce that stains. I stuff paper towels around it, and open the cabinet to get baking sheet, when I try to burn the house down.

Apparently, my pots didn’t like where they belonged in the cabinet, because they proceeded to jump out of the cabinet and on to the counter, knocking over a candle with it. (I would like for it to be noted that Jacob is the one who put the candle there, after I told him that was not a good spot for it.) Thankfully the candle didn’t catch anything on fire, it just spelt wax everywhere. It has been twoweeks, and I still haven’t gotten all of the wax off.

By the time the Pasta Pie was in the oven to melt the cheese, I had dishes and paper towels everywhere, and wax all over the front of my cabinets.

So if you have almost destroyed your new kitchen by cooking dinner, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Anyway, almost destroying the kitchen aside. I did get the dishes done (eventually), and dinner was good.

Monday night it has been twoweeks since we moved in, and these past three weeks have been good. We still aren’t moved in all of the way. My living room still looks like an episode of Hoarders: Clothing edition, and we are not even close to having a clean house that it ready to be decorated for Christmas; but it will get there. It is for these reasons that I do not have pictures posted on the blog yet.

I have a big announcement coming on Friday, which I am very excited for!  It is blogging related, and if anyone can guess what it is, they get 50 laundry points*.


*My version of brownie points