Let’s Get Together!

So I just recently read a book that took place in 1916, and it got me thinking two things.

1. What happened to knitting clubs?

2. Why don’t women have weekly tea parties?

I realize that it is highly unreasonable for women to take time out of their week to get together in person and do something productive. But I am going to propose that we do it anyway, why?

Because we are women and we can do anything we put our mind to!

With the possible exception of killing big bugs (particularly spiders), and even then we can do it if we have to.

My proposal is that we have a weekly get together right here on this very blog. Every week we can come together and talk in the comments, share ideas, drink tea (or whatever you like to drink, for me it’s Coke), and have a wonderful time being women and taking about the things that go on in our house holds. Or whatever it is you like to talk about.

If I can make it work I will see about getting one of those live chat forms things, but if not we can just do it in the comments.

Our first one will be on Wednesday June 18th from 2pm-4pm.

If this is something that sticks around, I will do my best to improve the platform. Maybe we could do one of those Google hang outs or something.

I don’t know, thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

I will be here, will you?