Getting Social

As it would turn out this summer has been rather uneventful. Before summer started I thought that this would be the most busiest summer ever. I thought that I would be moving in to my house, cooking cakes, burning dinner, having friends over, and filled with school work. So far this summer as not been that.  Well it has been full of school work.

This summer has been filled with Jacob working, waiting on the house to be ready, and waiting for the next big thing to happen. It has been a pretty good summer, moving too fast as always, but good. I thought that I would be blogging a lot more than I have been, but I just can’t seem to get in to it.

However I have made a very nice list of things I have done, for your enjoyment of course.

1. I started writing a new book

It has a title, and a very snazzy one at that! It has the best epilogue in the history of epilogues, and the best Prolog to go with it. Unfortunately my book is missing something rather important.

The middle.

I am in love with the last chapter, the epilogue, the ending, the Prolog, and the first paragraph. Other than that there is nothing else to like. Really, there are no words, period!  However, I can already tell you that it will be on the New York Times Bestseller list when it is published.  Trust me, I know.

The story is great, I know it really well. I can tell it to you by heart. I just can’t write it down, my heart is just not in to it. But that is another blog post.

2. I have started prepping for my dance classes

I have already started picking out songs for the recital, and started making “lesson plans.”

3. I read three books

And I am half way through a fourth one.

4. I saw The Fault in Our Stars

Yes it was good and sad, and yes I cried.

5. I tip dyed my hair

Most wives get the “wife chop,” I dye the tips of my hair pink. I can cut them off when I get tired of them.

6.  I got six chandeliers

I got them all for $150! They were on sale for $25 each at Home Depot, how could I resist? I needed lighting for our house, and mom wanted one, and the ones we don’t use someone will. It was a great deal, and they will look great in our house.

7. I have done school work

8. I realized that maybe I didn’t do as much as I thought I did

But I did decide to get social this past week, I started talking to people I haven’t talked to since school got out, and made plans to get together with them.

This summer has been great so far and it’s not even half way over yet.

Have a great summer, I hope it is as eventful as mine!