Life Changes

Life changes, it is a fact of life. People will say things like “Without change there wouldn’t be any butterflies.”  Life changes, and not all changes are good. I know God works all things out for the better of his people. But that doesn’t mean that it is all going to be good, and that life is always going to change the way you want it to, because the truth is; no one has complete control of their life. No. One. Does.

There is only one person who does, God. God has control, and you know what His plans are totally different than your plans. He has control to put people in your life, than yank them away. In the long run, that might be better; but in the mean time it stinks.

It hurts, when people don’t talk to you, or when they do everything they can to avoid you. When people walk out of your life, it hurts. Even if those people leave unintentionally. It hurts when people aren’t considerate of other people. It just does; but you want to know what I have learned from all of it? From all of the times that people have ignored my texts, got up and left from the lunch table, lied to me because they just didn’t want to talk at that moment, ignored me while I was talk to them.

I have learned that people are flawed, we all are. There is not a single human being that is perfect, we all make mistakes. I learned that you can not live your life for people. You have to live your life for God. You can’t change your entire life for some if they won’t do the same for you.

God is going to be there at the end of every day, and even if you feel like he has left you in the dark, when you feel like he has hung up on you. He hasn’t he is waiting on the other end of the line, waiting for you to come back. When you feel alone, and like no one wants to be your friend, when you feel like no one can understand what you are going through; God does, and he is always there, always listening. God doesn’t move, people do. God promises that he won’t leave us, he is constant. He always has, and he always will be there. Waiting.

I think that the best thing about God, is that he will always love you. No matter what you did, he is willing to forgive you, and let you back in to his arms. No matter how far you run, he will always be sitting there with open arms, waiting for you. It is one of the hardest things for us as people to believe, because as people we aren’t like that. But God is bigger than all of us, he is the most patient, understanding, loving, and accepting thing there is; and He will always love you. He will always be there.

Next time you feel alone, like the world has turned its’ back on you, remember

that God hasn’t and that he is always waiting for you to talk to him.

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