Bride and Groom session (part two)

As much as I hated to, I had to cancel our bride and groom session again. Not because of work but because of the weather. A high of 42, with wind!? No way am I getting my butt out side in a strapless dress to take pictures for two hours. Once again, there is a bright side to rescheduling.

When I rescheduled the first time, I didn’t think to look at the rest of the week. Turns out it is the day after he gets off his four nights. We worked around it though. Mom would drive us up there, drop us off, go shopping, then get us and take us home. Everything would work out. Mom could lace up my dress, and Jacob could sleep on the way there and back.

Then today I checked the weather. A high of 42, a low of 28 with wind out of the North.  I was miserable for the twenty minuets we were taking pictures out side during the wedding. I can’t imagine being out side for two hours in it. Luckily I was able to cancel my hair appointment and all. I feel really bad for canceling on Havi and my hair lady twice. We decided to post pone rescheduling it for a while.

As a way to apologize for boring you with another post, here is a photo of a Sheepadoodle, they are so adorable!

I found it on Pinterest, without a link.

Our House has a Due Date

For our house that is. Jacob and I have been working on our house since we last summer. On Monday after we got home I decided that we needed a due date, a goal. So we decided that our house is going to be due on March 24th. I don’t have to be in it. It just has to be done. I want to be in the house by March 27th. If we don’t get in on exactly those days it will be okay, but we needed to have something to go by.

Once we had a due date, we sat down and made a very detailed list of everything that has to be done. It is two pages long.  On the bright side, we are already working towards marking some of those things off. (See due dates really do work!) On top of that list, we have a list of things that we can do after we move in that need to be done. Like replacing a window, or adding crown molding to our living room. Then I have list of things I want to do before we move in. Like, making curtains or tablecloths.

Tomorrow I will add the list on here, so you guys can watch our progress.

Have a great Friday, and just in case you need something to make it even better, I am adding this picture of  dog dressed like a giraffe.

I do not own this picture, I found it on Pinterest with no link.