Let us play pretend for bit.

I got the base idea for LT my senior year, but it wasn’t until two months ago that I started actually writing it. I tried and tried to write it before, but nothing worked. Nothing. One day after watching a interview with Veronica Roth about her most recent book, it clicked. I started writing, and I couldn’t stop.

Until now.

I am at 23K, twenty three thousand words. All of them useless, because I am stuck. There is nowhere left for the book to go. I have the ending written, I have the beginning written. It is the getting from point A to point B that is the problem. I have never gotten this far before.

So until I can move past this writers block, I will pretend like it is going to be a best seller. I will pretend that it is already published, and in the hands of readers everywhere. I will pretend like I have fan pages for my book, and that everyone is awaiting the next installment in the series.  I will pretend, that I am going to one day be signing books at Barnes and Noble; because lets face it, you have not really made it until you have a book signing at Barnes and Nobel.

Well I guess that is more of a half way point. When the book is a movie, that is when you have made it!

LT will never be there, I know that. Very few books actually get there, but while it is still my personal project. While I am the only one that has seen it, I can pretend that it is everything, and more!

When I have finished writing LT, I will edit it, then I might let someone read it. Then I will edit again, and again, and again. Honestly, I am looking forward to the editing stage. Once it is reader worthy, or part way there. I will look for an agent. I will be turned down a couple of hundred times, then finally I will find someone that thinks my book is worth something. I would love to be published with Harper Collins, but that won’t happen. I will probably end up with a very tiny company, that has very little to offer; but I will be happy, because I will be published.

Once I am published, I will do a happy dance, then I will go back to banging my head on the key board; because I have more than one book I want to write.

If I ever finish LT, I will treat myself to as much Cheesecake Factory 30th Anniversary Cheesecake I can eat.

That is if I get past twenty-three thousand words.

I do not own the rights to this picture.


The Journey

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

I think that sometimes we all get too caught up in the final project that we sometimes forget about the between times. The journey. Sometimes I think we get lost in the moment, knocking out obstacles, that we forget to appreciate the small things, the blessings in the moment. If all you are focused on is the end result, you will miss so much of the joy,

lessons, and growth that can come from waiting, form the journey.What good would a book be if we all just jumped to the ending?

If it wasn’t for the journey, we wouldn’t be able to grow. Jacob and I have goals, we have an idea of where we want to be in life five years from now; but we aren’t rushing to get there. We might want children five years from now, but that doesn’t mean we want them right now. We aren’t ready for children, nor are we ready to have our forever home. We still have a lot of growing to do together, and we have time to do that. I don’t want to start off at the top. If Jacob and I already had everything worked out, we would miss out on so much together. We are both still learning and discovering what our passions are, and what our calling is, but one day we will find them out, and it will be great. The thing is no one knows where God is going to call them in life, and when God says move, you move.

Jacob and I don’t know what God will tell us to do in five years. We can have plans all we want, and to us they may seem perfect, but more often than not God has his own agenda; and it usually doesn’t match our own. Unlike us, God likes to slowly introduce us to our plan. If he told us our plan all at once, we would probably do everything in our power to change those plans; because God is more powerful than man ever thought to be, and he knows what we are capable of, even when we don’t. So even if you aren’t where you want to be in life, remind yourself that God has a plan for you, and it is perfect. Sometimes we just have to trust in God. He knows what we are going to be doing ten years from now, he has control over the situation. Even if it doesn’t always feel like it.  He has a plan for all of us, and those plans are fool proof.


Life after the Wedding day

Since last Tuesday Jacob and I have been married a month, like most brides I spent a lot of time planning my wedding. I pinned things on Pinterest, talked on The Knot, went on a hunt for a wedding dress. But I also, like most brides have dealt with Post Wedding Blues. In fact Post Wedding Blues is such a common thing in newlyweds that The Knot decided to make a forum for newlyweds to talk about it!

The biggest question I keep asking my self, is why do I have Post wedding Blues? I have a Husband, we are working on our house. We had our first Christmas as a married couple, we got our pictures back, I am learning to cook, we are learning how to be a married couple.

Everything is great, I love Jacob, he loves me, we had a beautiful wedding; and if all of this is true then why do I keep changing my mind about rather I hate or love my wedding photos? Why do I have Post wedding Blues? I have narrowed it down to a few things.

1. Pinterest

Like most brides I spent a lot of time on Pinterst looking for this or that, or just looking for general wedding ideas. Which may have been the worst thing I did. It seems fine at the time, but afterwards, when you can’t go back and change things you start to think things like; my wedding didn’t look like that, I should have chosen to get that instead of this, and I forgot about having those, I never got around to it.

My solution: delete all of your wedding boards! I had about ten boards dedicated to wedding related pins: Cakes, dresses, bridal party, favors, etc.. Just delete them. Kiss them all good bye, and believe me it can be hard to do. But it stop all of those little thoughts, the what “ifs”. When I deleted all of my wedding boards I went from having 73 boards to having 52! I feel great about it. Excuse me while I go replace them with food, and house boards.

2. Bridal magazines

I bought all of them, no kidding. I had 28 of them, 28! I gave them all away, to a friend who is getting married, she can have them all. I did however keep one. The first one I bought, the week we got engaged.

Seriously,throw them out, burn them, use them as umbrellas, whatever you decide to do, do it now! It will feel good to have them out of your closet, not to mention having does gone will make more room for more shoes.

3. Unlike/un-follow wedding pages
I had liked them all, and followed all of the boards on Pinterest. Before the wedding I loved seeing all of those post but now, every time I see one I think why do I have that here? It cleared up my news feed a lot on Facebook as well.

If you are like me, you are sitting there like, well there went half of my social life down the drain. Well not quite yet. I came up with a few solutions to fill all of that empty space.

1. Make a Wedding board of your wedding!

I can’t do this yet, because my photographer is trying to get my wedding published. But when I can I will make a Pinterest board of my wedding. It will be a really neat thing to look at, and think how cool it will be if people pin your ideas! Any time you start to miss your wedding, you can just pull up Pinterest, it is that easy.

2.Show off your photos

Make a scrapbook! I can not wait to get my prints in. Although I am not sure if I am more excited for that, or the excuse to go to Hobby Lobby and buy new stuff.  If that is not your thing, make an album on Facebook, and tag your friends in it. Besides it will be fun to fill Facebook up with something happy and beautiful (for once).

3. Write your Love Story

As soon as I finish my college degree, (hopefully in December), I am going to start writing our love story. Is there a better way to save those memories and feelings than writing them down?

4. Go through, or make a memory box

Jacob and I have one, and I love to go through it! It is filled with all of these random things from when we were dating, the night we got engaged, and up till the wedding. We have to start a new one for our married life, but I want to get a new box for it. I still have most of the little notes that he would pass me during class and things like that.

5. Put together a book of cards

Jacob and I got a scrapbook to put all of our wedding cards in. It is a really convenient way to look at them whenever you like, without them getting lost.

6. Go back to college, get a new project

Do all of those things that you wanted to do, but you were too busy for.

7. Stop and think

Stop and just look at your Husband. Did you marry him just so you can have the whole wedding experience? If you did, you have the wrong idea of what a marriage is. I may have only been married a month, but I can tell you that there is much more than that. I may miss all of the buzz that came with wedding plans, but there is no way I would ever trade it for our marriage. I would rather be married to my Husband for a year, then plan a wedding for three years. I wouldn’t trade a second of married life for a month of wedding planning.

Marriage is not going to always be easy, and I don’t expect it to be. But I would rather go through all of those hard times with my Husband, than anyone else in the world.

New year, New life

Welcome to my blog, I have had multiple blogs, but I decided that it is time to start a new blog, since everything in my life has changed as well. My name is Natalie, I got married last month to my wonderful Husband, Jacob. It has been wonderful, and we still have a lot of learning, and growing to do together. I invite you to join us on that adventure, and you can do that by the push of a button, (or is it a click of a button?) anyway. The button at the top, or the bottom below the post if that is what you prefer that says “follow” you will get an email any time I update my blog. Which hopefully is more often than my past blogs. So follow me, and you will be in for an adventure, that I can put money on!