Let’s Get Together!

So I just recently read a book that took place in 1916, and it got me thinking two things.

1. What happened to knitting clubs?

2. Why don’t women have weekly tea parties?

I realize that it is highly unreasonable for women to take time out of their week to get together in person and do something productive. But I am going to propose that we do it anyway, why?

Because we are women and we can do anything we put our mind to!

With the possible exception of killing big bugs (particularly spiders), and even then we can do it if we have to.

My proposal is that we have a weekly get together right here on this very blog. Every week we can come together and talk in the comments, share ideas, drink tea (or whatever you like to drink, for me it’s Coke), and have a wonderful time being women and taking about the things that go on in our house holds. Or whatever it is you like to talk about.

If I can make it work I will see about getting one of those live chat forms things, but if not we can just do it in the comments.

Our first one will be on Wednesday June 18th from 2pm-4pm.

If this is something that sticks around, I will do my best to improve the platform. Maybe we could do one of those Google hang outs or something.

I don’t know, thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

I will be here, will you?



Has it Really been Six Months?

I can’t believe that it has really been six months since I got all dressed up and walked down the aisle to my very soon to be husband, and said “I do.”

In some ways it feels like yesterday, and in others, a life time; but no matter how far away it feels I know one thing for certain. I wouldn’t trade a single day of it for anything.

This is not to say that we don’t have bad days, because like any other couple we have them. The good ones just over shine them.

For our sixth month anniversary we ate at the new Panda Express, and talked for an hour before he had to go to work.   It was perfect.

Todays fun fact with Nat:

Sometimes marriage means giving up the last two chocolate covered donuts, (you were saving for later), because you forgot to go to the store and by more waffles.

Moral of the story, don’t forget to get breakfast foods for a man that is working on the night shift.


(Photo credits to Havi Frost Photography)



Getting Social

As it would turn out this summer has been rather uneventful. Before summer started I thought that this would be the most busiest summer ever. I thought that I would be moving in to my house, cooking cakes, burning dinner, having friends over, and filled with school work. So far this summer as not been that.  Well it has been full of school work.

This summer has been filled with Jacob working, waiting on the house to be ready, and waiting for the next big thing to happen. It has been a pretty good summer, moving too fast as always, but good. I thought that I would be blogging a lot more than I have been, but I just can’t seem to get in to it.

However I have made a very nice list of things I have done, for your enjoyment of course.

1. I started writing a new book

It has a title, and a very snazzy one at that! It has the best epilogue in the history of epilogues, and the best Prolog to go with it. Unfortunately my book is missing something rather important.

The middle.

I am in love with the last chapter, the epilogue, the ending, the Prolog, and the first paragraph. Other than that there is nothing else to like. Really, there are no words, period!  However, I can already tell you that it will be on the New York Times Bestseller list when it is published.  Trust me, I know.

The story is great, I know it really well. I can tell it to you by heart. I just can’t write it down, my heart is just not in to it. But that is another blog post.

2. I have started prepping for my dance classes

I have already started picking out songs for the recital, and started making “lesson plans.”

3. I read three books

And I am half way through a fourth one.

4. I saw The Fault in Our Stars

Yes it was good and sad, and yes I cried.

5. I tip dyed my hair

Most wives get the “wife chop,” I dye the tips of my hair pink. I can cut them off when I get tired of them.

6.  I got six chandeliers

I got them all for $150! They were on sale for $25 each at Home Depot, how could I resist? I needed lighting for our house, and mom wanted one, and the ones we don’t use someone will. It was a great deal, and they will look great in our house.

7. I have done school work

8. I realized that maybe I didn’t do as much as I thought I did

But I did decide to get social this past week, I started talking to people I haven’t talked to since school got out, and made plans to get together with them.

This summer has been great so far and it’s not even half way over yet.

Have a great summer, I hope it is as eventful as mine!




Pinterest Induced Depression

Pinterest is a wonderful, mysterious, and addicting website. It is filled with everything from funny pictures of cats to home decor ideas, to the latest birthday cake ideas. It is also depression inducing. Women already have so much pressure to be the next Martha Stewart so do we really need something like Pinterest to compare our selves to? Women are supposed to be the ones that have it all together. We can clean the house, have a five course meal on the table, and have all of the kids bathed, fed, and put to bed by nine o’clock.

If we had a small army of minions and a robot that did our house work for us.

The reality is that life is crazy, the kids get sick, dinner doesn’t always get on the table right at five, and the dishes aren’t always in the dish washer before bed time. And that’s okay.

You can buy that sign here.

But Pinterest has taken it to a whole new level. Now we are supposed to have DIY clothes/home decor furniture/gifts/you name it, and the perfect house. Let me tell you half of those pins that have the perfectly cleaned playrooms with labeled bins and spotless walls. ALL LIES! LIES I TELL YOU!

I don’t even have kids yet and I can tell you that’s not happening just by helping out in the Pre-k room. Do you have any idea how many times I have organized those tubs!? Maybe some people just have genetically modified kids that naturally put things back where they go. But I’m not even that organized. (Maybe I will be when we are in our house, but I don’t count on it)

Original source here.

The fact is, that most of us have other responsibilities besides taking care of the house, cooking dinner, and taking care of the kids if you have them. The moms/housewives that blog and get their pins on Pinterest, that is their job. That is what a lot of them do day in and day out. Most of them don’t even take care of their blogs by themselves. I know one of them for sure has a group of people that help her blog. She has an advertising person, and someone that makes all of the graphics.

Anyway, the point is that no body is perfect, and no one should be expected to be perfect. Your kids don’t care if the dishes from yesterday are in the sink, and honestly they would be just as happy with McDonald’s. And above all no matter what you do or don’t get done, as long as you love them and care for them they are going to think you are amazing.

Original source here.


So next time you get on Pinterest, and see a picture of a sparkling clean house, or some craft that looks like it’s not really handmade, and you start to feel depressed. Remember that you are not that person, you do not need to be that person, and that your husband and your kids will still love you even if your house doesn’t look like the ones on Pinterest, and that those rooms looked like that for five seconds, and  you didn’t get pictures of those tubs so who knows what is really in them.  Most importantly remember that most of Pinterest is lies, and that the people that have houses like that are most likely not human, that or they have minions. In which case, can I have some?

Original source here.


Am I the only one that gets Pinterest induced depression?

The Entry Way (part one)

For the Building a Home challenge, I decided that I would work on the Entry way first. We still have a lot to do on it before it is ready to be put together, but I have a few things that need to be done now.  For this week I have a dresser that I am going to repaint, and figure out what to put on my wall that I need something on. (I am torn between a photo wall, or a mirror. Mirrors just seem like such an entry way cliché). I also need to find fabric to make the entry way cushion and curtains. I may not get all of that done by next Friday, but the goal is to get part of it done. Through out the week I will post updates and what not. If you are joining me on this adventure, what room are you working on?

Building a Home

There’s bees a buzz and kissable dandelion fuzz….. (You all know the song, you know you do. 😉 )

Original source here.

So summer is here in the H household, which of course means cleaning, summer classes, and more time to work on our house. Our goal is to be in by Jacobs birthday (6/29) which gives us roughly four weeks.  So with that I give you the Building a Home challenge.

Every week from now until the time we are actually in our house, I will do a blog post about a room in our house. For example this week I am going to work on the entry way. So I will do a blog post on  Saturday about what I am going to work on in the entry way, then on next Friday I will do a blog post about what I did. Then on Saturday I will post the next room, and so on and so fourth. I will also post occasionally during the week about my progress and what not. If you want to accept the challenge. Leave a comment down below and we can follow each other to watch the progress. I hope that you will join me on this challenge, or will at least watch me attempt this challenge.  With that I am off to work on laundry.

Let’s make life lovely!


Getting Life Sorted out

Lately I feel like my life is a little bit of everywhere. I have so many different things that need to be done and things that I need to start, I’m just all over the place. Nothing bad has happened, nothing bad is going on; I have just been very busy. So last night I did laundry.

Let me tell you, I have never felt so in control in my life.

Available here.

It’s ridiculous, but every load that was sorted out, washed, dried, and put away; was like putting away the days problems. All of the things that I had to do all of the sudden seemed very doable. Just the mindless task of sorting and folding made my day better.

Maybe it’s because with laundry you get instant gratification, and you can see, feel, and smell the progress. I don’t know, but let me tell you, if your ever having a hard day. Just do some laundry.

It even made my research paper due tomorrow seem like a minor issue. I had my life under control. So if I can feel better about my to-do list by doing laundry, you can to. Besides, what’s better than feeling better about your to-do list while getting something done on it?


Book Events

I have been pretty busy lately, and not really in to a blogging mood; but that doesn’ t mean I haven’t been thinking of new ideas. I have added a “Book Events” page to the blog. I am so excited about this page! I know as a reader, it can be very upsetting to miss a book signing event because you didn’t know about it, or you didn’t check the author websites enough. That is why I made this page. I will be updating it as much as possible, and when I add events I will be sure to do a blog post so that my subscribers know the list has been updated. If you have any authors that you would like me to add/keep an eye on please send me an email. (My email is on the “Contact Me” page.) I will be glad to add them. I will be updating the page more as the week goes on, who knew there were so many authors out there?

Let me know your thoughts on the page in the comments. Is it worth the time I am putting in it?

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Elissa W. Roberts

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset I’m not talking about the early-morning view when the alarm clock buzzes and you roll over to see your spouse’s bedhead staring back at you. Although I’m willing to admit I look a little–okay, a lot–like my youngest in the picture, take away the spaghetti sauce.  (The expression is usually the same too.) No, I’m talking about marriage and husbands and wives and how the good, the bad and the ugly all go together. By that, I mean the qualities I love most in my husband are in tandem with the qualities that drive me crazy and vice versa. A laid-back, easy-going person usually isn’t great about remembering to take out the trash or throw dirty socks in the hamper. A type-A, highly motivated, get-it-done person tends to love checklists and high expectations. Someone who is hard-working and always goes the extra-mile might be a little late to come home most…

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