Trying to Restrain myself

So I bought the paint today, so I am painting the entryway, kitchen, and the living room today!

Hold the applause.

We are finally to the home stretch. We are spraying the texture on the new part this weekend which means our whole house will be painted by next Friday! If everything goes as planned.

I am so excited, you have no idea. Like no idea. I feel like this might be really happening now. We have to paint, sand the floors in the new part, lay the floors, put in the doors, and then the grand finale. We move in!

And I do a blog post.

Which is why I am stopping myself from posting pictures today. Which is incredibly hard because I am so happy. I can’t wait to share my color palettes and furniture with all of you. Honestly I am getting supper happy just thinking about it.

It’s time to get back to painting, I just had to get all of that out there.




Our Nest is Empty, Again.

Love Bird cupcakes

Love birds. Original source

I didn’t ever get the chance to post about it, but about two weeks ago my dad found a baby bird nest in our house. And not the outside! We don’t know how long it has been there because the eggs were already hatched. I don’t know how we missed it. We didn’t have the heart to kick them out, and really they weren’t hurting anything. It was nice to know that someone was putting our house to use while we work on it. They were cute to watch anyway.

A few days ago my dad saw them flying around the room, and later that day they were gone. I didn’t get to see them when they were actually out of the nest. However, there are some small birds that have been hanging out in one of the trees in our backyard. They might not be the same ones, but I think they are. (Ladies intuition you know.)

Sadly I did not get any pictures of them. The nest was dark and I didn’t want to bother them with a flash. But let me tell, they were cute. You will just have to take my word on it.

So now our nest is empty again, and we can finish it. We hope to get a lot of work done this weekend, but Jacob has to work some overtime this weekend.

Sorry this is such a short post I am still working on my book. I am only at 37,732. So I still have a long way to go. Hopefully I will have a longer post up soon. Until next time.





The Treadmill Desk

I do not own the rights to this picture.

Since November, I have wanted a treadmill desk. I started looking for them, when I found out that they can increase productivity up to fifty percent, I was sold. It doesn’t hurt that Veroinca Roth used one when she wrote Allegiant, if she can do it I can do right?


We got a treadmill from my sister, in exchange for an elliptical. I have not even put the desk on it, and I have already changed my mind. I found a really neat DIY way to make a treadmill desk, that didn’t ruin the treadmill.

We got the treadmill on Sunday morning, by Sunday night I learned three things:

1. I am way more out of shape than I thought. (I could hardly do the slowest “slow”).

2. I can’t walk on it long enough to get anything done anyway. Seriously, the longest I could stay on was twelve minutes, and I was worn out.  Who can get anything done in Twelve minutes?

3. You never know how out of shape you are, until you step foot on a treadmill.

Even with all of these things, I am still going to make my Treadmill desk, and try using it. It might be hard at first, but maybe by the time I actually finish writing LT, I will be able to walk on it for five hours. I can hope right?

Our House has a Due Date

For our house that is. Jacob and I have been working on our house since we last summer. On Monday after we got home I decided that we needed a due date, a goal. So we decided that our house is going to be due on March 24th. I don’t have to be in it. It just has to be done. I want to be in the house by March 27th. If we don’t get in on exactly those days it will be okay, but we needed to have something to go by.

Once we had a due date, we sat down and made a very detailed list of everything that has to be done. It is two pages long.  On the bright side, we are already working towards marking some of those things off. (See due dates really do work!) On top of that list, we have a list of things that we can do after we move in that need to be done. Like replacing a window, or adding crown molding to our living room. Then I have list of things I want to do before we move in. Like, making curtains or tablecloths.

Tomorrow I will add the list on here, so you guys can watch our progress.

Have a great Friday, and just in case you need something to make it even better, I am adding this picture of  dog dressed like a giraffe.

I do not own this picture, I found it on Pinterest with no link.