Get It Together 2016

This year most of my goals can be summed up into one, “Get it together.” What is “it” you may ask? “It” is everything, or most things. I spent two days of Christmas break printing out, sorting, and hole punching my budget/family management binder, and my cleaning binder. I’m slowly working on my recipe binder, but that is an on going process.

Next week, (after having used the binders for a week to see if they work) I will post pictures and talk about how they work and all that good stuff.

One of the things I also have to get together is this blog, so I will be posting every Monday, for real this time. I know that it isn’t possible to have everything together, but if I can get some things in order I will be happy.

What are your goals for the 2016, are you trying to get it together?