Kate Boyd Cheerleading Review

This year is a big year for me and the school’s cheer team for many reasons, but one of them is that we hired someone to come do the teams choreography. Anyone that is in the cheer world at all knows the importance of having good choreography. There is so much that goes into it, I knew that I didn’t have the experience to put together a winning routine, which meant we needed someone else to do it.

I knew that whoever I found had to be able to follow CCA and FCC guidelines, while also being in our price range. I called the numbers of people who were recommended by FCC, but they were either booked or not in the area. I tried calling CCA but none of those worked either. I was about to decide that  I would just need to do when I found a website that I bookmarked last year. While I was looking for music, I came across Kate Boyd Cheerleading.

So I messaged her, got a quote, set the date, paid my deposit, and filled out my paper work.

When I was cheering, choreography camp was always two days with like six hours each day. So when she told me she would only need six hours I thought she was crazy. Then came camp.

I was totally blown away. Not only did she get through the routine, but she also taught the first stunt section, which was totally unexpected and a bonus. She was great with the girls, and all of them had a blast. I can’t wait to have her do the choreography for next year.

(I will update this post after I get score sheets and such from our comps this season.)


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