The Last leg of the Journey

We are so close to being in our house it is almost nerve-racking. My dishes came in last week, and we moved in our washer and dryers so we know where to put in the dryer vent. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. We have been working on this house so long I don’t know what we will do with our selves when we don’t have to constantly work on it anymore.

Jacob ordered the new Halo game a while back and can hardly wait for it to be out on November 11th.  Too bad I told him no video games until we are in our house.  He has eight days to finish our house. I would feel like a mean wife but we really don’t have that much more to do. We have to put in the trim and the doors, we have to put in our counter tops, hook up the hot water, dish washer, and sinks. We decided that we could paint the trim/doors and put in our back splash after we are moved in. We are so close to being done that it’s not even funny that we aren’t moved in already. Besides him getting to play the new Halo is the equivalent to me getting to use my new kitchen and all of its accessories. I have so many things I can’t wait to cook in it, he just has no idea.