What do You Want to see Posts about?

After this week is over I will have a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders, and I will be able to blog more. Math has been a very time-consuming class because there are assignments due every other day. Needless to say it will be like having a whole extra week when it’s over. Maybe I can finally add the last 5000 words to my novel before school starts.

I have noticed in the past few posts that my view have dropped significantly, where is everyone? I’m not sure if my blog is as boring as my stats say it is, or if I am just not posting about the right stuff. The only way that I can fix this is to know what everyone wants to read about. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or questions that you want answered drop a comment down below, or send me an email (you can find it on the “Contact Me” page). Do you want to read book reviews, or any kind of review for that matter? Do you want to read about my fur-babies? I just don’t know. I am not a mind reader, nor do I want to be.  I will really appreciate any feedback that I get from all of you!

With that, I am back off to do math. I hope that all of you are having a much better week than I am. Sadly, it’s only Monday. Hopefully I will hear from you soon, and if not you will hear from me on Friday when all of my test are done and grades are back. Friday will either be a really bad day or a really good. Fingers crossed that it’s good, because I really don’t want to retake college algebra.




I added a cute puppy to lighten the week a little bit, because cuteness really is the best medicine.


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