Our Nest is Empty, Again.

Love Bird cupcakes

Love birds. Original source

I didn’t ever get the chance to post about it, but about two weeks ago my dad found a baby bird nest in our house. And not the outside! We don’t know how long it has been there because the eggs were already hatched. I don’t know how we missed it. We didn’t have the heart to kick them out, and really they weren’t hurting anything. It was nice to know that someone was putting our house to use while we work on it. They were cute to watch anyway.

A few days ago my dad saw them flying around the room, and later that day they were gone. I didn’t get to see them when they were actually out of the nest. However, there are some small birds that have been hanging out in one of the trees in our backyard. They might not be the same ones, but I think they are. (Ladies intuition you know.)

Sadly I did not get any pictures of them. The nest was dark and I didn’t want to bother them with a flash. But let me tell, they were cute. You will just have to take my word on it.

So now our nest is empty again, and we can finish it. We hope to get a lot of work done this weekend, but Jacob has to work some overtime this weekend.

Sorry this is such a short post I am still working on my book. I am only at 37,732. So I still have a long way to go. Hopefully I will have a longer post up soon. Until next time.






Changing the Blog

The past week or so I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want my blog to be. Some of you may have noticed that  I took down the theme posts. Those were great and all but they aren’t really what I want this blog to be about. Where they good for stats? Yes, but it doesn’t matter how high your stats are if the people viewing your blog aren’t 1) active, 2) going to stick around and read the rest of your blog.

This is my house wife blog. (Kind of like a mommy blog but without the kids.) This is a blog for wives, (with or without kids), I want it to be a place where wives can give and receive advice and ideas from other wives. This is a blog for women by women. While I may be the only one posting on here right now, I hope to be able to have guest wives come and give their advice/thoughts at some point.

So while the theme post and all had been great, not only were they going to be a lot of work, they were also changing the blog into something it isn’t supposed to be.  I hope that all of you will stick around while I try to build and grow a community. It will take time, and I will have to get better about blogging and all, but we can do it together.

Also, I’m sorry for my absents the past two weeks. I had a week off of my college classes and all of my free time went to writing my book. I am currently at 30,885 words. I have never gotten that far before so it was worth taking time away from everything else to focus on that. Any writers on here will understand when I say that I just couldn’t stop writing. It was like all of a sudden my plot made sense and it all just came together. I would be farther into it by now if it wasn’t for the fact that my classes started, and my brain feels like mush.

Anyway, I will have a new post up next week until then goodbye!


Alice in Wonderland Kitchens

An Alice in Wonderland themed kitchen would not be an Alice in Wonderland kitchen without a tea set!

Personally, I love this hand decorated one by leftofrose on Etsy.

You can buy it here for $17.00

They also have this style cup for $20.00

You can buy it here.

You can also buy the plates individually, as well as the cups.  They also have this tea pot you can buy individually, or in a tea set. Which comes with two cups and the tea pot. There is also an adorable travel mug,

You can buy it here for $41.60

If handmade is not your cup of tea, the Disney store also has a tea set.

You can buy it here for $29.95

Tea party for two or  more? You can buy tea cups individually here, tea mugs here, and the tea pot here.

But where are you going to put all of your cookies and cakes?


On these dainty serving plates of course.

You can buy them here for $26.43

Or you could buy these dessert plates from Disney.


You can buy them here for $39.95

On to the hand towels, there are three options that I liked.

There are these from Disney,

You can buy them here for $18.95


Or these made by Tartx on Etsy

You can buy theme here for $18.00


Or one of these two sets from PeriwynklePlace on Etsy.


You can buy them here for $17.00

Or this design

You can buy them here for $20.00


There was this adorable wall clock, but it cost $135 dollars, so for most of us it’s not happening. I found it on this website that has an option for you to find similar items. Hopefully you can find something like it if you don’t want to spend that much on a clock, I don’t blame you.


Also for wall I found this awesome one from HappyWallz on Etsy.

You can buy it here for $29.99+ depending on size.

No kitchen is complete without an apron (even though you will never wear it).

A retro inspired Alice apron. It’s only $28.50 and you can buy it here.

Sold by Loversdoversclothing on Etsy

If the Queen of Hearts is more your thing.

You can buy it here for $29.99

Tomorrows post will include earrings, hair bows, food ideas, and other random Alice in Wonderland Items.

If you order any of this off of Etsy, please tell them in the comments where you found the items posted. It will help me in the future get items for giveaways and such. Thank you!

I will not be held responsible for any price changes, item availability, or quality.