Building a Home

There’s bees a buzz and kissable dandelion fuzz….. (You all know the song, you know you do. 😉 )

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So summer is here in the H household, which of course means cleaning, summer classes, and more time to work on our house. Our goal is to be in by Jacobs birthday (6/29) which gives us roughly four weeks.  So with that I give you the Building a Home challenge.

Every week from now until the time we are actually in our house, I will do a blog post about a room in our house. For example this week I am going to work on the entry way. So I will do a blog post on  Saturday about what I am going to work on in the entry way, then on next Friday I will do a blog post about what I did. Then on Saturday I will post the next room, and so on and so fourth. I will also post occasionally during the week about my progress and what not. If you want to accept the challenge. Leave a comment down below and we can follow each other to watch the progress. I hope that you will join me on this challenge, or will at least watch me attempt this challenge.  With that I am off to work on laundry.

Let’s make life lovely!”>



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