Book Events

I have been pretty busy lately, and not really in to a blogging mood; but that doesn’ t mean I haven’t been thinking of new ideas. I have added a “Book Events” page to the blog. I am so excited about this page! I know as a reader, it can be very upsetting to miss a book signing event because you didn’t know about it, or you didn’t check the author websites enough. That is why I made this page. I will be updating it as much as possible, and when I add events I will be sure to do a blog post so that my subscribers know the list has been updated. If you have any authors that you would like me to add/keep an eye on please send me an email. (My email is on the “Contact Me” page.) I will be glad to add them. I will be updating the page more as the week goes on, who knew there were so many authors out there?

Let me know your thoughts on the page in the comments. Is it worth the time I am putting in it?


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