What is your Dream Publisher?

As I start draft two of TLT, I start to feel a little more hopeful about the book. My first draft was done at the low word count of 27, 494.  Which is not where I wanted to end it, but I think it’s a good thing I stopped there. My story was done at that point, and all I wanted to do was edit it. I printed out all 96 (double spaced) pages, and bought a new red pen.

I edited it in three days. So the next day, I started retyping it.

My book lacks a lot, it needs a lot of work; but every time I re-write it, it gets better. So if that means I have to start over ten times to get a decent book, I will.

I want this book published. That is the goal. I will do what it takes to get it there, even if it takes me ten years. Maybe not ten years, but you get the point, right?

What is your dream publisher?

Mine would be Harper  Collins, (I said dream didn’t I?). I love their teen book program, and I love most of the YA books they published. They are however, incredibly hard to get in to. I love them, everything about them. They published Divergent, Delirium, Partials, Shatter Me, Pulse, etc. I love those books.

There are other publishers that are more realistic, that I would go for; but if I could have anyone they would be it.

What about you, who do you want?


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