Bride and Groom Session?

Since Jacob and I got married last month, we have had a bride and groom session booked. I have been looking forward to it ever since. I was so excited for the chance to get back n my dress, and have more pictures of Jacob and I. Unfortunately they called Jacob in for over time yesterday. After we rented a tux. Thankfully they let him off early. Which I didn’t find out till after I canceled my hair appointment. By the time he got home, got the tux, and left the house, we were already running twenty minuets behind. When I got in the car, and half way to Dallas, I realized that I left my eye shadow at home, well  worked that out with make shift eye shadow. Then I realized I forgot my lipstick. Then we got thirty minuets out, it had taken longer than planned, and I had forgotten about the time it takes to put on my dress. At this point I decided to text Havi, (our photographer). She was great about it, and agreed that we should reschedule, so we moved it to next Monday. We were already in Dallas, so we decided to make the best of it.

We went to North Park, and just my luck that I would be wearing scrub pants, and left with only a pair of heels, and Jacob was in slacks a t-shirt. We looked ridiculous. I did take pictures, but I will not share them.

we bummed around, and we bought something a little more appropriate for dinner. We went to Hobby Lobby, and I picked up the stuff to make a project I am working on for our house. Then we ate dinner at The Melting Pot, it was so good. I loved it, and Jacob has been dieing to go there. It was romantic, and we can’t wait to take our pictures next week. It was a long day yesterday,but it ended up being wonderful.

I expected this post to be a lot longer, but I am tired of repeating the story, and it is not as funny in a blog post than it is in person.


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